More and more cities are setting up so-called environmental zones. BMW has developed eDrive Zones to promote emission-free driving in these zones and beyond as much as possible. The BMW Plug-in Hybrid automatically recognizes that it is entering an eDrive Zone and then automatically switches to an emission-free, all-electric driving mode. When the navigation is switched on, your BMW will even prepare the battery for the BMW eDrive Zone and recommend a charging station in the area if necessary.

The eDrive Zones are geographical areas defined by the BMW Group using GPS coordinates, creating a so-called 'geo-fence'. The size varies per city, but the diameter of the area is always between 10 and 20 kilometers and in any case includes the city center where air quality bottlenecks can be located. Rotterdam, in consultation with BMW Group, determined the final shape of their eDrive Zone, with the ring road (A20, A16, A15 and A4) forming the boundary.

eight eDrive Zones

There are currently eight eDrive Zones active in the following Dutch cities: Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Groningen, Tilburg and Breda. The eDrive Zones functionality (which allows the car to recognize the zones) is automatically sent 'over the air' to the appropriate BMW Plug-in Hybrid models*. All available eDrive Zones are then visible and are 'on' by default. The Netherlands is one of the six countries where eDrive Zones are being introduced for the first time, the others being: Germany, France, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.

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BMW Munich
BMW Munich
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