The bad news for everyone who shortly want to travel with Deutsche Bahn, dhe drivers of GDL put their work down again. From Thursday, the GDL drivers will go on strike again, this time for five days. In the event of delays, there is a legal right to compensation, regardless of the cause. If a traveler arrives at least one hour late at his destination, the train must refund 25 percent of the fare; if the traveler is two hours late, that is 50 percent. This also applies to night travel. You can choose between a voucher or payment of the amount.  

Anyone affected by the strike can buy their train ticket including seat reservation at a DB travel center or travel agency with a DB permit leave it completely free reimburse. Passengers with a season ticket will receive a fixed compensation per journey from a delay of 60 minutes. Second-class tickets for long-distance journeys cost five euros, and first-class tickets 7,50 euros. Holders of a Bahn-Card-100 receive ten euros in second class and 15 euros in first class.

The Deutsche Bahn S-Bahn is also often hit by strikes. But in local transport, passengers can expect no significant compensation. If the delay is 60 minutes or more, there is a flat rate of 1,50 euros in second class and 2,25 euros in first class. The same amounts apply for country tickets or cross-country tickets. However, amounts of four euros or more will only be paid in local transport. Customers will only receive money from the second or third delay within the validity period of the time card and must submit the cancellations jointly to the Passenger Rights Service Center afterwards.

What if you miss a flight due to the train strike?

Anyone who has not booked a package holiday or at least a Rail & Fly ticket will probably be left with the costs. Because the train only has to compensate for a canceled train ticket and not for a flight. Passengers can only hope for the goodwill of the airline when rebooking – or in this case, take a taxi at their own expense to check in on time.

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Dresden - Germany
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