The first episode of Chateau Meiland of the new season showed how Martien, Erica, Maxime, Montana and Dirk explore the Achterhoek on a Solex. Nice to see in itself, were it not for the fact that Twitter just about rightly exploded about the large amount of alcohol that was consumed on all stops. The whole group makes several stops during their Solex ride, especially at terraces. Time for wine and shots. The talk of the town on social media. 

Although the pregnant Maxime leaves the wine and drink herself and she sticks to iced tea, for the rest of the group it is booze, booze, booze. And that raises the question of many viewers who find it irresponsible to drive a Solex next to your pregnant daughter with alcohol.

"I think Chateau Meiland is wonderful, mindless TV, but drinking all kinds of alcohol together and then sitting on that Solex again, I think that is very unwise."

Kim Kluijtmans, @KimKluijtmans

wines, wines, wines and driving

Drinking alcohol and then driving is of course not a good example. Chateau Meiland returned to SBS20 on Monday evening at 30:6 PM. The first episode showed, among other things, how a drastic decision by Erica Meiland has unpleasant consequences for the rest of the family. “I just end up in a kind of apartment with laminate flooring,” Erica complains when she talks about her new million-dollar villa. One thought it was a nice episode and the other was more concerned about the blood alcohol level.

“On the Achterhoek!”

We can hope it was "fake" and was staged for the episode. Not all alcohol that is served on television results in an increased blood alcohol level.

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Solex was produced between 1946 and 1988
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