The court in Haarlem decided on Tuesday afternoon that the provincial permit for the circuit in Zandvoort will remain in effect. This will not endanger the organization of the Dutch Grand Prix next weekend. The court ruled on Tuesday in summary proceedings brought by environmental organization Mobilization for the Environment. According to the environmental club, the nitrogen calculation used is incorrect. The judge does not agree with this.

Among other things, the case revolves around the question of whether the expected nitrogen emissions remain within the standards. There is also a lawsuit on the merits. The MOB had instituted summary proceedings because it did not want to await the outcome of these proceedings on the merits.

Nitrogen emissions

The preliminary relief judge has established that the positions of the circuit and MOB are far apart and that additional expert research is necessary to remove ambiguity about those different positions. At the request of the court, the Administrative Jurisdiction Advisory Board (STAB) is already investigating the disputed nitrogen emissions.

“Under these circumstances, the preliminary relief judge is very reluctant to make a preliminary assessment of the legality of the permit. Such an assessment would, to a large extent, prejudge the answer to the question as to which of the parties is right, while the judge in the proceedings on the merits deems further advice from the STAB necessary,” said the court on Tuesday.

The court says about the weighing of interests: “MOB attaches importance to nature and is committed to preventing ecological damage to the adjacent Natura 2000 area. Circuit Zandvoort, on the other hand, has now almost completely organized F1 and has invested heavily in this. The failure of F1 would immediately lead to very large damage and possible bankruptcy for Circuit Zandvoort."

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The preliminary relief judge establishes that the positions of the circuit and MOB are far apart
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