More and more Dutch people are opting for a used electric passenger car. In 2021, approximately twice as many private individuals will have purchased such a second-hand electric car with a subsidy than last year. The available subsidy for second-hand electric cars has thus been fully utilized for this year. Last year, part of the money was unused due to fewer applications.

“Many people first look at the second-hand market when choosing a different car. That market is really getting going, and that's important. Of course I would also like to see more people eligible for a subsidy for an electric car for the rest of this year. But I think it's especially good news that so many people with this support are already opting for electric driving. In the coming years, we want that to become attractive to many more people."

State Secretary Steven van Weyenberg (Infrastructure and Water Management).

Second-hand attractive with subsidy

As agreed in the climate agreement, private individuals have been able to purchase an electric car with a subsidy since last year. Buy or lease. New or second-hand. Electric cars are cheaper to run, but more expensive to buy. The aim of this scheme is to make electric driving attractive to private individuals who are looking for a compact middle-class passenger car. The Netherlands is the first country in Europe to grant subsidies for the second-hand market.

More and more people are taking advantage of this option. In 2020, 3000 private individuals purchased a second-hand electric car with a subsidy (2000 euros). Not all available subsidies were used at that time due to fewer applications. This year the budget has been fully utilized; 6750 private individuals took advantage of the scheme. The scheme will continue until 2025. For this year 13,5 million was available for used electric passenger cars, for next year a subsidy budget of 18,3 million is planned.

More choice and certainty

Electric drivers are given more and more choice and security, also second-hand. The subsidy applications show that more and more young electric cars from abroad are becoming available here on the second-hand market. There is also more and more choice in terms of age and models. Forty percent of the used electric cars purchased with a subsidy this year are no more than one year old. A quarter are more than four years old.
For more and more people, a used electric car is a good option. Electric car batteries are improving quickly, and dealers often still provide a factory warranty on the battery of a used electric car.

More and more electric cars on the road

Electric driving is on the rise. There are now almost 200.000 electric passenger cars on the road in the Netherlands. In the climate agreement, the cabinet has agreed that all new cars will run without emissions by 2030, for example electrically or on hydrogen. Governments and network operators are hard at work. For example, many charging stations are being installed. More and more smart charging stations that protect the electricity grid. The cabinet wants electric driving to be an attractive option for everyone in the long run, according to the government National government.

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