It is time for renewal for the management of the Dutch RYSK-IT from Etten-Leur. With OCTO.CAB, the company will provide the Netherlands with a hybrid BCT with communication from and to employees, entrepreneurs and external parties, based on an easy and comprehensive way of communication. The company uses the latest techniques with the TOMP API as a basis, making it easy to communicate with MaaS providers. This also makes it easy to realize a link with other calendar packages.

OCTO.CAB expects to be able to make a difference for both independent entrepreneurs and companies with small and large-scale transport with a BCT based on high-quality hardware and simple operation. Processes and transport flows are optimally and fully monitored by the BCT because it is important in the 24-hour world of the taxi industry to properly record data and to be able to retrieve it on-demand. From his holiday address in France, we managed to get Van Gils today for more information.

"We have received very nice reactions after announcing our new BCT, but the response from existing BCT suppliers has not always been enthusiastic. I believe that strong competition is good for the market."

John van Gils

Software as a Service

In addition to the BCT, the company has also developed an app. With this app it is possible to request positions and technical data of the vehicle, to read service times of drivers and to read in and follow up reviews/complaints. At the same time, it is possible for drivers to provide feedback to the taxi company itself.

In addition to the BCT and app, OCTO.CAB will offer additional solutions in the form of “Software as a Service”. Users can choose from a basic or extended license to suit their specific business needs. There is a suitable choice for all types of taxi companies. 's team OCTO.CAB has extensive experience in the taxi and IT industry, which enables them to understand the questions and needs from the market and to translate them into solutions. OCTO.CAB builds an innovative and future-proof platform based on its own knowledge and experience.

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