The mask obligation in public transport is starting to become difficult in practice. That is what president-director of the NS Marjan Rintel says in an interview with BNR Nieuwsradio. “Of course I am now gradually seeing in practice that it is becoming difficult. Nobody understands it anymore," said the top woman.

People do not have to wear a mouth cap in the Hoog Catharijne shopping center at Utrecht Central station, but they do have to wear a mask at the NS station and in the train too, Rintel indicates in the conversation. If the corona measures actually change on 20 September and people no longer have to keep 1,5 meters away, then masks will no longer be necessary in the train, according to Rintel. But if the figures are very disappointing and that 1,5 meters is not released, the NS will maintain the mouth cap in the train, says the top woman. “But then we have to make sure that we do it together.”

According to Rintel, travelers have difficulty wearing the mask, they speak to each other about it and aggression also arises. “Then I think: then you have to or say we will do it and then we will also enforce it and then we will do it everywhere, or we will not do it. Now it's a bit half. So we have to make a choice at some point," Rintel told BNR.

According to an NS spokesperson, her words should be seen as a call to come up with consistent policy in this area. “The problem now is the inconsistency. It is becoming complicated for travelers where to wear a face mask and where not."

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