The WMO transport for Amstelveen and Aalsmeer will be carried out as of 1 January 2022 by a new player for this region in the WMO field. Maasstad Directing Central (MRC) signed the contracts last week after it emerged that MRC was the winner of this tender. Maasstad Regie Centrale is currently one of the fast-growing taxi companies in the Rotterdam region and is active in taxi transport and student transport for clients and passenger transport for healthcare institutions. The company places high demands on the level of its people, automation and resources. 

Until today, the transport is provided by Munckhof. In the municipality of Aalsmeer, residents with an indication can use WMO transport. Transport is a form of collective taxi transport that takes you from door to door within the Aalsmeer transport area. Also thanks to facilities in the field of transport, residents remain mobile within the municipality of Amstelveen. The Social Support Act (Wmo) offers help and facilities to ensure that you can live independently for as long as possible.


In Amstelveen there is transport for everyone who cannot travel by regular public transport. It is door to door transport. You must reserve a ride through the carrier. You can use WMO transport with a transport pass. You can request this from the municipality. You will receive a pass from the carrier with a customer number. You usually travel with others with WMO transport. The taxi then picks up several passengers and does not always take the shortest route from your front door to your destination.


Living independently, shopping or visiting family or friends can be quite a task for various reasons. Do you live in Aalsmeer and do you need help or support? Then you can contact the Social Counter. A Social Desk employee will talk to you to get the best possible picture of your personal situation and the problem you are experiencing. The employee asks you to actively contribute ideas about possible solutions to your problem. You can also think of help from your own network or a referral to an organization that can advise or support you.


If you want to travel longer distances, you can do that with valys. Valys is supraregional transport: more than 5 public transport zones from your home address. You can also combine a train journey with a taxi with Valys.

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The Social Support Act (Wmo) offers help and facilities to ensure that you can live independently for as long as possible.
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