The mask obligation remains in force for the taxi sector, at airports and in airplanes, in public transport and other commercial transport. The mask obligation does not expire on platforms, stations, stops and at educational institutions. That is one of the lasting measures that became clear after the press conference of outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge was held last Tuesday. The urgent advice to give each other space will change from September 25 to “Give each other space. 1,5 meters remains a safe distance." 

Not much will change after September 25. The night catering remains closed, which is not good news for the taxi sector. Unscheduled events are not allowed between midnight and 6am. Discos are allowed to open in the evening, but then have to close again at midnight. In addition, there will also be an obligation to use a corona ticket for all visitors or guests from the age of 13 in the catering industry, festivals or events. The same measures also apply in the cultural sector and in sports. Small exceptions are made for specific food and beverage outlets such as funeral homes, airports, roadside restaurants and international trains.

one and a half meters

According to those involved, the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) is hesitant. Due to the release of the one and a half meter measure, visitor standards no longer apply, with which locations and events can use full capacity again. For multi-day events with overnight stay, the corona admission ticket must be checked every 24 hours. Despite the ban on night catering, the entertainment ban in the catering industry will expire.

Yet the day of relaxation on September 25 will not be the day that all corona measures will be a thing of the past. However, there are relaxations in the quarantine measures for travel to the Netherlands. For example, vaccinated travelers from the United States, the United Kingdom or other very high-risk areas no longer need to be quarantined.

event industry

The Vereniging Nederlandse Poppodia and Festivals (VNPF) reacts with bewilderment to the measures presented by the outgoing cabinet. The VNPF also wants the current support measures to remain and be expanded with these announced measures, because they fear that without this support a large part of the music venues and festival organizers will still go bankrupt. The fact that there is a maximum capacity of 75 percent for unplaced festivals that take place indoors makes little sense, according to the organization. 

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Face masks in the taxi will remain in force after September 25th
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