More and more people are happily using public transport. This has of course been different for times due to the advice of our cabinet to only use this if this was really necessary. Fortunately, this is in the past and will remain in the past. Many people go back to work and school and this is noticeable in the train, it is much busier than we were used to lately. Every day, NS does everything it can to offer travelers a quick and easy journey. The Dutch Railways reports that they have a new function in the NS app, the function: Near. This feature allows travelers who are in an unfamiliar place to quickly plan a trip.

“We want to ensure that the NS app helps you throughout the day with a quick and simple journey, where you choose how you travel.” With Nearby, NS is already showing what options a passenger has around him. You see the transport options that are most close and relevant to you at that moment. NS wants to add even more means of transport in the future, such as shared scooters or cars. Our app is increasingly like a travel companion that tells you what options you have and then helps you plan.”

Ivo Steffens, commercial director at NS.
NS app function: Nearby.

Travelers can see at a glance which public transport options are currently available in the immediate vicinity. This makes traveling even easier and more accessible because you can choose your own means of transport, such as an OV bicycle or public transport. In the future, even more means of transport will probably be added, such as shared scooters, shared cars and shared bicycles. You can also pay for this via the NS app. NS has taken a good step here in the development of a broad mobility app. When you open the app, you can click at the bottom of the screen Near click to see all nearest train stations, metro stations, tram stations and bus stops. You can also see where the nearest public transport bicycles are and you can see all the facilities at the stations.

Middle photo: NS image bank.

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