It has long been difficult or not possible to apply for your driver's license. And due to the aftermath of corona, it can still take a long time before you can take a driving test. Probably everyone can still remember their driving test. For some a terribly exciting moment that has kept him or her awake for nights, and for others a piece of cake. The CBR has started a new social media campaign, with this campaign the Driving School Finder and Driving License Tips are brought to the attention of young people. The CBR gives tips to pass your driving license in one go. These tips are there to help young people increase their chances of passing their driver's license. These tips will help you prepare for your practical exam and your theory exam and everything that comes with it. 

Apparently you don't have to drive a perfect ride to pass your practical exam, the examiner wants to see that you drive independently and safely. The campaign can be seen on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. The tips include: Choose a good driving school by checking the success rate of that driving school in advance. List the costs for your driver's license in advance so that you will not be faced with any surprises. Prepare well to get your driver's license faster by, for example, following a theory course. Consult with your instructor when you are ready to take the driving test. This is just a small selection of the tips the CBR gives. Good preparation is half the battle. The CBR managed to reach 1,1 million young people with their previous campaign. Forty percent of visitors who gave feedback indicated that the results of the driving school finder influenced their driving school choice. 

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