Good news for Gaiyo users who occasionally need an electric cargo bike. Since today you can find Cargoroo's electric cargo bikes in the app. Cargoroo operates a fleet of 370 electric Urban Arrow cargo bikes in Amsterdam, Arnhem, The Hague, Nijmegen and Utrecht. The shared transporter focuses on people who occasionally need a cargo bike, such as small business users, families who go out for a day with children or a dog, or people who have to transport heavy or larger items. The e-cargo bikes from Cargaroo can now be located using the Gaiyo app.

The bicycles are collected and returned at the same place, so there is no question of a free floating system. You still need the Cargoroo app for booking and paying. Gaiyo has been working for some time with the shared bicycle providers Urbee, Donkey Republic, GoAbout, OV-fiets, HTM Fiets and Haagse Stadsfiets. People are increasingly willing to pay for mobility, rather than for owning a means of transport. The number of shared bicycle users in the Netherlands is growing rapidly. The use of shared transport is therefore becoming easier, thanks to Gaiyo. The app is the personal travel assistant, showing all available (sub) transport options and transport combinations in real time, with all rates, possible departure and arrival times, routes, traffic jams and parking options. You can also use the app for parking promotions and public transport tickets.

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