NS service employees and conductors on the train from Amsterdam to Brussels will go on strike on Wednesday. The NS is counting on nuisance for travelers to and from the Belgian capital. According to the rail operator, they must take into account a longer travel time, cancellation of trains and other departure and arrival times.

The IC Brussels only runs between Breda and Brussels. Travelers from Amsterdam, The Hague, Schiphol or Rotterdam can use domestic trains to get to Breda and then change trains. They can also take the IC Direct, no surcharge is charged for this, the NS has announced.

Trade unions FNV and VVMC also announced that counters will remain closed due to the strike by service employees. Assistance to travelers will also be kept to a minimum. It is not yet clear how many employees will participate in the promotions.

The service employees are angry about the planned reduction in the number of service stations. The conflict among the conductors of the international trains to Brussels is about the working conditions. The unions state that these conductors are paid less than their colleagues who work at Thalys Eurostar and ICE Berlin & Nightjet.

The NS regrets the actions. But the unions have already indicated that it may not stop there. If the rail carrier still does not comply with their demands after the strikes, the unions will consider setting up strikes in other parts of the NS as well, for example among the rolling staff.

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