The start of the corona pandemic is still fresh in our minds, strict measures, closing of shops, only using public transport if this was really necessary and aviation that was almost completely on hold. Fortunately, that is a thing of the past and in the meantime we have gradually been able to pick up our lives again. We are increasingly approaching what it was like before the corona pandemic. Now it's finally almost time, from Saturday 25 September, some corona measures will be relaxed by our cabinet. Keeping the one and a half meters away from each other is officially no longer there. Eindhoven Airport reports that visitors who bring or pick up travelers are finally welcome again at the airport from 25 September.

The departure hall will finally be open again for visitors, pick-ups and drop-offs. The departure hall has been closed to this group for about 15 months, and only travelers were allowed in. Wearing a face mask is also only mandatory at the airport for travelers from 13 years of age from the prescan (the area where only employees and travelers are allowed). Of course, the hygiene measures will still remain in force, you will continue to cough and sneeze in your elbow. Washing hands and not shaking hands is also part of that. And if people have complaints, they still have to stay at home and get tested. And even though the one and a half meter rule will be officially abolished from Saturday 25 September Eindhoven Airport anyway to everyone to do this as much as possible.

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