Last week, relaxations were also announced for healthcare transport. From September 25, 2021, the capacity of a care transport vehicle may be fully utilized again. This was urged by KNV Healthcare Transport and Taxi, because the maximization of capacity in combination with a driver shortage caused the accessibility of healthcare transport to come under pressure.It is still mandatory – barring exceptions – to wear face masks in healthcare transport. KNV Healthcare Transport and Taxi has adjusted the protocols based on the relaxed guidelines.

The sector protocols will start on Saturday 25 September and are here to find. One of the most important principles in the healthcare transport of people aged 18 and older will not change: the driver and the travelers must still wear a medical mouth-nose mask. The rules regarding wearing a mouth cap also remain in force in student transport.

KNV Healthcare Transport and Taxi is happy with the further relaxation. As society opened up more and more, the demand for healthcare transport rose again. Due to the capacity limitations in the protocol, demand could sometimes no longer be met (see also here). This was an undesirable situation because of the social importance of healthcare transport. After all, healthcare transport is an important link in the healthcare chain, for example for transport to hospital treatments. With the relaxation as of 25 September, the sector will have a little more leeway.

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healthcare transport protocols adjusted
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