Due to the corona crisis, many candidates who wanted to get their driver's license had to show the necessary patience. Especially the first aid training and the practical driving test on the road caused long waiting times. Brussels Mobility and the Red Cross have developed a solution for first aid training to shorten waiting times. Anyone wishing to obtain a driving license in Brussels must undergo a free first aid course before taking the risk perception test. This is possible immediately after passing the theoretical exam. A first, part of the training takes place online, a second takes place in the premises of the Red Cross.

It is precisely this second part of the practical training that causes waiting times. There was a shortage of suitable rooms to comply with the distance rules and there were not enough supervisors to cope with the delays. In order to shorten the waiting time for the first aid training, Brussels Mobility and the Red Cross have now decided to slightly adjust this training. From September 27, the duration of the online training will be extended from 1h to 1h30 and that of the physical part will be shortened from 2h to 1h30. The total duration of the first aid training therefore does not change. The online part consists of video tutorials on first aid interventions that are concretely applied during on-site training.

You can register from September 27, those who are already on the waiting list will receive an e-mail. Anyone who thinks they are entitled to an exemption must request this from Brussels Mobility with proof of the completed training. It is more difficult to find a solution for the practical exam. The number of examiners is limited and the training of new examiners takes a lot of time. It was therefore decided to extend the validity of the documents one last time. For documents that expire between March 13, 2020 and September 30, 2021, the validity is extended until December 31, 2021. Documents that expire between October 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021 will remain valid until March 31, 2022.

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