In its own words, the Municipality of The Hague, together with the three scooter sharing providers, has done a lot in recent months to reduce the parking nuisance caused by shared scooters. For example, special parking spaces have been created along the coast for shared scooters and there are always parking coaches at the parking spaces on sunny days. Short lines between the municipality, the Nuisance hotline and the scooter sharing providers meant that a solution could always be found quickly if something threatened to go wrong.

additional measures

A number of measures followed in July. For example, parking spaces for shared scooters in the app were no longer seen as a parking option and you could no longer end a ride there. The municipality also enlarged a number of 'popular' parking spaces. The providers, in turn, always ensured that the parking spaces were empty at the start of the beach day by removing all parked scooters there at night or early in the morning. The #scooterskills campaign focused on changing the behavior of mostly young scooter riders.


Starting this week, nine speed bumps will be installed on the Dr. Lelykade. The thresholds will be located in the 30 kilometer zone on the main carriageway between the Westduinweg roundabout and the Kranenburgweg. This measure from the action plan was taken to improve road safety and to prevent nuisance from speeding car and motorcycle traffic. 

The work is expected to last until the end of week 42. It will be carried out in phases; there is a diversion route for each phase. Traffic controllers are deployed where necessary. Only park in the designated spaces, otherwise the emergency services will not be able to pass in an emergency

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nothing is more beautiful than riding a scooter along the Boulevard
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