The statutes for Uber and classic taxi drivers will be aligned, the quota will remain in place and minimum rates will be introduced. That is, in short, what the government will consider in the coming weeks. According to SP Minister Vervoort, the taxi plan is in line with the coalition agreement. That puts service, comfort and service for the users central. The numerus clausus will also be retained to prevent the proliferation of taxi drivers.

The taxi plan also provides a regulation for the reservation systems whose providers have a registered office in Belgium. They must not demand exclusivity from the drivers and must be transparent in the costs they impose on the licensees. The reservation system will also keep a register of drivers, routes and vehicles. One of the main objectives is to ensure that drivers respect the legal driving and rest times.

In addition, the Brussels Region will also develop a taxi app itself. Because the government is taking too long, Brussels Taxi Fed, the Collectif des Travailleurs du Taxi and Ingoboka-Taxi previously came up with their own Taxi plan. One of the proposals in it is to recruit 600 Uber drivers from regular companies such as Victor Cab.

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Taxi in the Brussels street
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