Transvision and health insurers asr and ONVZ will continue the collaboration. The past few months have been dominated by a lengthy procurement process for seated patient transport for asr and ONVZ. Last Tuesday, after completing the last phase, the contract was awarded to Transvision. For Transvision, this means a continuation of the collaboration with asr and ONVZ. The contract has a term of five years and includes all seated patient transport for insured persons covered by the asr and ONVZ labels.

"We are proud of the result achieved and look forward to continuing the constructive and pleasant cooperation!"

Laurens van Remortele, CEO Transvision

Together with the carriers, Transvision will once again make every effort in the coming years to transport every insured person who uses Seated Patient Transport in a pleasant, comfortable and safe manner. Together with the health insurers, they are working on further development in areas such as sustainability and digitization. 

According to Daphne Vermeulen, Consultant Zorg ONVZ, they have enjoyed the collaboration with Transvision in recent years and are pleased that they will continue to arrange taxi transport for their policyholders in the coming years. Gerlach Wollersheim, Healthcare Buyer asr Insurance, says that after an intensive and exciting purchasing process, she is pleased to be able to continue the pleasant collaboration with Transvision. Our editorial team also wishes Transvision every success with the collaboration between asr and ONVZ over the next five years.

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Transvision and health insurers asr and ONVZ will continue the collaboration.
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