We had to wait a long time for it, but luckily almost all corona measures have disappeared. The one and a half meter distance rule has changed into urgent advice but is no longer mandatory. We can all go back on the road to go to work and in many places the mouth cap rule is also off the track. Since September 22, the quarantine rules for travel to the Netherlands have also changed. 

Vaccinated travelers from the United States, United Kingdom and other very high-risk areas no longer need to enter quarantine. At the airport (at least from the security check and further on in places that may be designated by the airport, such as departure and arrival halls, a face mask remains mandatory. In trains, taxis, planes, buses, trams, metro, and other commercial vehicles For personal transport, wearing a mouth cap is also mandatory. 

The obligation to wear a face mask no longer applies on platforms and stations. The Dutch Railways and ProRail have been very busy since this week removing all corona measures stickers at the stations. The stickers state: wear a mouth cap, keep to the right and keep one and a half meters away. 

These stickers were applied to stations throughout the Netherlands in May 2020 to point out the important corona measures to everyone who uses public transport. After a year and a half, we can finally say goodbye to most corona measures. It is quite a job to remove all stickers from the stations, they will probably be working on that all October.

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Corona stickers on the platform.
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