Dozens of travel organizations are filing lawsuits against the government, because they believe the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is giving incorrect travel advice. Orange color codes are also used for vaccinated travelers for countries outside the European Union, while risks for these people are low according to a total of 72 organizations. According to the companies, the State can expect a summons later this week.

These are small and medium-sized specialized companies, including Explore Tanzania, Jambo Safari Club and Around The World Travel. They say that long-distance travel is being unfairly discouraged, which is causing great damage to the sector. The travel organizations state that the quarantine obligation outside the European Union has been removed for vaccinated travelers and that vaccinations work well everywhere, including outside the EU.

That is why they demand "reliable travel advice" that takes into account that the majority of Dutch people are vaccinated. The current travel advice dates from the time without vaccines, the organizations believe, and countries that are safe for vaccinated people should receive a yellow or green travel advice.

According to the travel providers, the ministry says it is "striving for a plan, possibly in November", but they think that is too late. "What Dutch travelers expect from the outgoing cabinet is immediately current, fair and reliable travel advice," says Joshua van Eijndhoven of travel agency Voja Travel. He spoke on behalf of the 72 travel organisations. “Reliable travel advice, of course, means taking into account that you have been vaccinated.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says in a response that the orange travel advice for many countries outside Europe is there for a reason. “For example, we have seen before that people in orange areas can face conditions that deteriorate quickly, and sudden local measures such as quarantine,” explains a spokeswoman. She states that she understands that people would like to go to distant destinations again, but that should be responsible. “For the traveler himself and also in the interest of Dutch public health.” The government is working on a "future-proof" corona travel policy. Several ministries are involved in this. “At this point, we cannot say exactly what the changes will entail or when these changes will be implemented.”

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Sun, sea and beach
Sun, sea and beach
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