It is again nice and busy on the Dutch roads and in the train. Getting stuck in traffic every day is back to normal. It is also quite busy at the stations and in the trains. The Dutch Railways says that no less than 70 percent of the travelers are back on the train. That takes some getting used to because that has been different for more than a year. The advice to only use public transport if it was really necessary took a long time. Now that the home work advice has been adjusted and the one and a half meter distance measure has been removed, more and more people are using public transport. 

The number of travelers has been showing an upward trend for some time, and the number of travelers on weekends is also increasing. September is always the busiest month of the year anyway, because most of the holidays are over and everyone is back to school or work. Compared to 2019, about two-thirds of travelers are back on the train during the week. 

Last Tuesday, Dutch Railways welcomed no fewer than 912.000 travelers, which was the highest number of travelers in one day since the corona crisis began. The question is whether the closure of the A12 has also contributed to this. NS is continuously working on making improvements for passengers. Until December, they will test ten-minute trains on three new routes on Wednesdays together with ProRail. Travelers who want more insight into how busy it is on a train can also register in advance via the train pointer in the NS app. Travelers who register their trip in advance will receive a notification if their trip threatens to become too busy.

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Traveler checks NS app.
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