With the Reiswijzer, the ANWB has recently started to focus on the most popular autumn and winter holiday destinations. The number of holiday countries for which corona-related information is provided will go from 24 to 12. Now that more and more countries are easing their corona measures, a holiday abroad is becoming more attractive. However, as a traveler you still have to deal with access requirements and restrictions on location. The Travel Guide provides a clear overview of the most important information, even in late season.

Many people focus on the autumn and winter holidays at this time of year. On anwb.nl/reiswijzer, holidaymakers can see whether they are welcome in the holiday country of their choice and which measures apply locally to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Also is . information about accommodation options, sights, restaurants and ski lifts.

In addition, travelers can receive a push message via the ANWB Vakantiehulp app when the situation changes locally. This message replaces the email alerts that were sent during the summer season. The service is valid for Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

In the past two years, many Dutch people have opted for a holiday in their own country because of the corona pandemic. As a result, Dutch destinations received more than 50% more guests. However, a recent survey of members by the ANWB shows that 76% of the members would like to go on holiday abroad again. They also want to go on holiday just as often as before the outbreak of corona. Last summer, the ANWB's Travel Guide was consulted more than 19 million times. The ANWB also sent more than 800.000 e-mails to draw the attention of travelers to changing corona rules at European destinations, according to the ANWB.

Photo below: ANWB image bank.

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