You often see it when you drive somewhere, a dog with someone in the car. On the rear shelf, loose on the back seat or even loose on the front seat. We also like to take our four-legged friend on holiday, because he or she is an important part of our family. Fortunately, the safety systems in our cars are becoming more and more extensive, but what about a loose dog in the car? Are there any official rules for this? And is this not very dangerous, what if you get into a collision? 

In the Netherlands there are no official rules regarding the transport of your pet. There is, however, a statutory regulation in Article 5 of the Dutch Road Traffic Act that a pet may only be transported if this does not lead or can lead to dangerous situations or traffic nuisance. So this is a broad concept and not very clear. 

There are rules in various countries around us, in Germany your four-legged friend must be fastened to the back seat with a special belt or you must transport your four-legged friend in a travel kennel or behind a rack. According to the ANWB, you are not allowed to transport your four-legged friend in the front seat in Belgium and in the United Kingdom your dog must also be secured in a dog harness, travel kennel or behind a rack.  

For example, the rules are different everywhere and it is advisable to find out in advance to avoid surprises along the way. It is of course also up to the owners themselves to think about how to transport your pet safely. Imagine that you get into a collision and your dog is loose in the back seat, the consequences are incalculable. There are all kinds tips and options to safely transport your four-legged friend in the car. Probably many people just don't think about it, but your children aren't loose in the car either, so why a dog?

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