In October there will be extra police checks in various parts of our country on the use of your mobile phone in the car, bicycle or moped. This is done, among other things, with special cameras that allow them to see whether someone has a telephone in their hand. Almost everyone has probably done it while driving, your phone makes a noise so check your phone quickly while driving. Don't, it is life-threatening and this can lead to life-threatening situations on the road. 

According to the Come Safe Home website, the risk of an accident is at least 2,5 times greater if you are on your phone while driving. Ten to a hundred people die every year and many are injured as a result of not paying attention and being distracted in traffic. Just pay attention when you're on the road somewhere, you can get the phone users behind the wheel out in no time. They often swerve on the roadway, drive slower than the speed limit and often make a wrong turn because they miss a turn. They are busy with everything except traffic. This causes accidents of which you do not know the outcome. 

In the second quarter of this year, no fewer than 47.438 fines were handed out for handheld calling, a huge number. This month the police will carry out extra checks in the country, a fine for using your mobile phone while driving costs €250. Using your mobile phone while cycling will cost you €100. So it's better to put your phone on silent before you drive so that you don't feel the need to check your phone if you feel a vibration or hear a sound. That will save you a whole lot of money. The national government is trying to draw attention to this with the campaign MONKEY . This campaign stands for: Keep your focus on one thing and that is traffic.

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Using your mobile phone while cycling can be expensive.
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