According to Lydia Peeters, section checks are essential to increase safety on the roads. The Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works launched her new Road Safety Plan 2021-2025 last summer. One of the overarching objectives for achieving a safe traffic system is a strong enforcement chain. From the start of her term of office she has been committed to rolling out route checks. Today, the Flemish administration has installed 238 route controls in 135 locations in Flanders. The installation is in progress for 37 route checks and the installation is being prepared for 124 route checks.

“The effect of section checks on road safety has been proven. At section controls, the number of speeding violations decreases by about 78%. Research shows that the number of crashes near a section control drops by 15 to even 30 percent. We notice this effect especially in the area of ​​serious accidents.”

Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters

Excessive or inappropriate speed often turns out to be the cause of traffic accidents resulting in serious injuries or fatalities. According to Peeters At section controls, the number of speeding violations decreases by about 78 percent. Section checks are experienced as the fairest way to check speed. If it is up to the Flemish Minister, the time of the 'shooting stars' is over and she wants to increase road safety enforcement on Flemish roads through section checks.

national database

In recent years, many controls were not yet operational due to a problem with the connection to the national database. Flemish minister Peeters is now urging federal minister Annelies Verlinden to urgently increase the processing capacity of the processing centers (GVC). AMS or ANPR Management System stands for a completely new national database that can transmit data of breaches faster to the processing centers. “Not only is the link with AMS essential, but also the processing by the regional processing centers (GVC) is an essential link in the enforcement policy.”

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speed limits are safer and fairer than classic speed cameras or mobile speed cameras
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