Enghouse Telexis and Transdev Netherlands recently announced the launch of EMV contactless payments (Europay, MasterCard® and Visa®) within Transdev's operations in the Netherlands. Passengers in transit can now pay contactless with debit cards, credit cards and mobile phones. By eventually replacing the Dutch technology on which the OV-Chipkaart is currently based, the EMV technology will provide fast and easy payment for Transdev customers who are in transit.

“We are pleased to add the capability of EMV contactless payments to Transdev's operations in the Netherlands. These advancements enhance the passenger experience and provide significant benefits to Transdev's operations.”

Toofan Otaredian, Managing Director of Enghouse Telexis.

The project supports the 'OV Pay' project, the Dutch payment service for public transport with an open-loop payment option for all activities of Transdev, including 6.000 customer contact points (validation points). On October 11, 2021, the launch of EMV was introduced in the Gooi&Vechtstreek region. In 2022, contactless EMV payment will be extended to the other Dutch Transdev regions.

transdev is a large transport organization in the Netherlands and provides 400.000 journeys per day. It is part of the global Transdev organization that operates 83.000 vehicles with 17 employees in 42.000 countries. In the Netherlands, Transdev operates with buses, trains and taxis under the brands Connexxion, Hermes and Witte Kruis.

“We are delighted to be one of the first companies in the Netherlands to launch the EMV payment option for customers. We were pleased with the success of our recent launch with Enghouse Telexis. The system-wide adoption of EMV payments will support our efforts to make payments easier. for customers of our public transport services in the Netherlands."

Manu Lageirse, CEO of Transdev Netherlands.

Demand for contactless payments is increasing across Europe and is now standard in most retail environments. “Contactless payment is popular because it combines speed and convenience with security,” said Charlotte Hogg, CEO of Visa Europe. “In addition, contactless payments have the lowest fraud rates of all payment types.”

Implementing the EMV solution for transportation companies can be more complex than in retail environments. In addition to strict certification and compliance goals that support secure and accurate transactions, there are many components that must work seamlessly for a good passenger experience, including validation points, software, and backend processing systems.

“It was a great pleasure to work with the Transdev team on this important project,” added Toofan Otaredian Manging Director of Enghouse Telexis ready. “Transdev is an innovative company that understands that people in transit have high expectations for ease of payment.”

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