More money is structurally needed to solve the transport problems in the Netherlands. At the moment there is a danger that the negotiators for a new cabinet will only come to the formation table with one-off pots, instead of with structural investments. The Mobility Alliance warns about this. “Investments in the infrastructure of the future will require another $3 billion a year until 2040,” the organization said on Monday.

There are 26 organizations in the alliance, including the ANWB, Transport en Logistiek Nederland, the Fietsersbond and organizations from public transport and freight transport. The participating organizations call the mobility of people and goods “one of the pillars of our broad prosperity”.

“The infrastructure budget has been squeezed over the past decade and has been a balancing act for all kinds of tasks, while demand has increased enormously,” according to the Mobility Alliance. On Thursday, chairman Steven van Eijck called for work, school and recreation to be spread more throughout the day with the aim of preventing traffic jams.

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Traffic jam Muiderberg
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