The trial to reserve a bicycle spot on the train is a big flop. Instead of such a reservation making it easier for the traveler, problems mainly arise during the journey and the test also proves that NS should not follow up on it. According to De Telegraaf, this is the conclusion of traveler organization Rover and the Fietsersbond after an evaluation of the pilot bicycle reservations of NS. The interest groups urge the carrier in a 'black book' not to follow up on the test.

“From 10 July to 15 September, NS tested reserving a bicycle space on the train, which resulted in about two hundred complaints that were received by Rover and the Fietsersbond. Travelers reported a range of problems during the trial," says Rover director Freek Bos.

The biggest problem turned out to be that the reservation for the traveler did not guarantee an actual place.

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HTM tram at The Hague Central Station
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