Transavia has received permission from the Moroccan government to operate a limited number of repatriation flights. The flight ban for the Netherlands, among others, had come into effect earlier. On October 22 and 23 there are flights from Marrakech to Amsterdam. The first repatriation flight of airline Transavia with travelers stranded in Morocco landed at Schiphol in the night from Friday to Saturday around 01.30 am. According to a spokeswoman, there were about a hundred injured travelers on the plane. 

Transavia recently warned that the ten flights are probably not enough to bring anyone who wants to return to the Netherlands. On Friday evening, a flight from Morocco also landed in Brussels, with 78 Dutch people on board. They are brought to the Netherlands by bus from the Belgian capital. These repatriated people had gone to Morocco through travel agency TUI.

There is currently no idea when the no-fly zone will be lifted. There is a no-fly zone between Morocco and the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. The Moroccan government made that decision because of the corona situation in the three countries. As a result, an unknown number of Dutch people are stuck in Morocco. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises travelers from Morocco to quickly look for an alternative route. The sudden measure caused great consternation in the Dutch-Moroccan community. 

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Transavia fleet
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