Hopefully you have never experienced it but you are driving your car and suddenly you are involved in a collision with another road user. You have damage to your car. What should you do then, do you call the police or do they not come for a collision? How do you actually fill in a European claim form? These are all kinds of questions that can be quite tricky if you're stressed or very shocked because you've just been in a collision. Above all, try to keep a cool head and remember that the safety of yourself and the other party is paramount.

First of all, according to various insurance companies, it is wise to switch on your hazard lights and possibly set up a warning triangle, so that it is clearly visible to other road users that something is wrong. Make sure no one is injured in the collision. If this is the case, you always call 112. Then wait until the police and ambulance arrive, the police will prepare a report of the situation. This report is sent to the Verbaal Processes Foundation in The Hague. Here your car insurance can request all the necessary information about the accident. You do not have to fill in a separate claim form.

If you have a collision with, for example, only minor damage to the eyes and no one is injured, there are other steps according to various insurance policies. You are the first to turn on your hazard lights and, if necessary, place a warning triangle so that you are clearly visible to other road users. If you block the road and you can still drive your car, put it in a safe place. If the road is blocked by the collision and you cannot get the car off the road yourself, you call the emergency service of your insurance, they will ensure that your car is towed.

You complete a European claim form together with the other party in a safe place. It is also wise to take as many photos as possible of the situation and of the damage. It is very important that the claim form is completed completely and completely. The claim form consists of 3 parts, an explanation, the original claim form and a copy of this claim form. Each person involved gets their own part and all parts have to be signed and a copy is sent by both drivers to their own insurance company. You can also fill in the back, but you can also do this at home. You can now too online Report your claim, this is very useful if you do not have a claim form with you. Always report your damage to your car insurer or intermediary as soon as possible. 

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Collision with another road user.
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