Drivers of a fully electric Volvo XC40 Recharge will soon be able to further optimize the range of their car thanks to the new in-car Range Assistant app. The dedicated app is included in beta with the latest over-the-air software update for the infotainment system with Android Automotive OS software. With the latest over-the-air software update, fully electric Volvo drivers can also expect a longer range, thanks to improvements to the smart battery management system. The regenerative braking power of the powertrain has also been further improved, as has the preconditioning of the battery pack for even more efficient charging.

Volvo Cars is developing more and more software in-house. The new in-car Range Assistant app is a perfect example of this. The app helps drivers of fully electric Volvo models to gain insight into the remaining range. The app also provides tips for optimizing range through smart energy management and advice on driving style, such as predictive driving for maximum efficiency.

Insight into energy flow
The app is integrated into the Android infotainment system and gives the driver of a fully electric Volvo a clear and accurate indication of the estimated remaining driving range and real-time energy consumption. The app also helps the driver understand the key factors affecting driving range. A range-optimization function built into the app can automatically adjust the climate system to increase driving range. This function is especially useful during longer journeys, so that fewer charging stops are required.

Additional features coming
Volvo Cars continues to develop the app on its way to full release. Additional features are also in the pipeline, such as driver coaching through smart and easy-to-follow recommendations for adapting driving style and speed to maximize range. Volvo Cars will make the app available via the latest over-the-air software update for XC40 Recharge drivers and will be installed on the C40 Recharge from production start.

“In-house software development and over-the-air updates allow us to continuously improve our cars and keep the customer's electric Volvo fresh. The Range Assistant app is a great example of how the rapid development and implementation of new features can improve the Volvo customer experience every day.”

Sanela Ibrovic, Head of Connected Experience at Volvo Cars.

Easy to install
Volvo Cars has been offering over-the-air software updates since early 2021. These will be available soon for more Volvo models and in more countries. The updates are easy to install and save time for customers, because a visit to the workshop for an update is unnecessary. Other features and updates in the latest software version include further improvements to the safety systems, new information about the impact of low temperatures on the battery and the range and various bug fixes.

Drivers also see software version information on the central touchscreen and are notified of a planned software update via the Volvo Cars app. The app notifications allow a user to monitor the progress of the download and installation process. The rollout of this latest software update will start immediately. All models for which the update is suitable are expected to be updated by the end of October, according to Volvo.

Photo above and below: Volvo image bank.

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Volvo Range Assistant app
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