Thalys recently officially put its newly designed train into service. The train offers 28 extra seats, 15% more luggage space and a new bar area. In addition, the increased capacity reduces CO2 emissions per kilometer per passenger. With the upgrade of the trains, Thalys is emphatically responding to the future of international rail transport. The aim of the renovation was to increase the capacity by 28 seats while maintaining the high level of comfort. In order to meet the needs of travelers as much as possible, Thalys asked 5000 customers for input.  

More space 

There is 15% extra luggage space and the new bar area, the 'Kiosk', has been completely redesigned and adapted to the current wishes of travelers. Drinks and snack vending machines provide a flexible range to serve people quickly, regardless of the destination and time.  

more environmentally friendly 

With this new train, Thalys is taking the next step to offer travelers a more environmentally friendly journey. Since 2020, Thalys trains will run on 100% green energy. In addition, are now also equipped with LEDs to save the use of electricity. In addition, no chemicals are used in the toilets of the new train set. Single-use plastic is gradually being replaced by sustainable alternatives and the increased capacity of the trains makes it possible to significantly reduce CO2 emissions per km per passenger.  

“Over the past 25 years, Thalys has contributed significantly to strengthening ties between Europeans. We are extremely proud that today we can start using our new train: again a reliable and environmentally friendly means of transport. This train symbolizes Thalys' ambition to continuously innovate and to meet the needs of modern travelers. We will continue to develop European rail transport”.

Bertrand Gosselin, CEO of Thalys.

Comfort priority design 

For the renovation of its trains, Thalys called on Yellow Window, a Belgian design agency headed by Axel Enthoven. The French designer Matali Crasset contributed to, among other things, the choice of certain colors and elements of the chairs and the bar area. The priority in the renovation was comfort, especially in the choice of seats, an important part of Thalys' quality experience. Furthermore, the new design is characterized by continuous lines and particularly bright lighting.  

First ride from Amsterdam Central 

Before the inauguration, the new train ran from Amsterdam to Brussels this morning, with Thalys partners, customers and journalists on board. The newly designed Thalys train was welcomed at Amsterdam Central Station by Heike Luiten, director of NS International, who, together with Bertrand Gosselin, gave the departure signal for the new train.

“Today we welcome the renewed Thalys with open arms at Amsterdam Central. A promising step in the further improvement and expansion of international rail traffic. In the future, too, we will connect even more international train passengers in a comfortable and climate-friendly way.”

Heike Luiten, director NS International.

The first train is currently running on the Amsterdam-Paris route with stops in Paris, Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam. The German route from Paris to Dortmund via Brussels, Liège, Aachen, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Essen is scheduled to be commissioned in 2022. The project is expected to be completed in 2024 Thalys.

Photo above and below: Thalys Image Bank.

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Renewed Thalys.
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