The time had come this morning, in various regions in our country, people had to scratch their car windows. This is one of the many winter inconveniences that surprise us every year and that we are not really looking forward to. Getting out of bed earlier to bite the ice off the windows is not something we look forward to in the winter. The first official frost day of this autumn is a fact today, but car windows can also freeze if the temperature outside does not fall below freezing. Car windows can already freeze if the temperatures outside are still a few degrees above zero.

This is because not only does the Earth's surface lose heat at night, objects like your car also lose heat. Your car window gets colder than the air and begins to cool the air above it. Colder air can contain less moisture and as a result, droplets will eventually form, making your car window wet. If your car window then cools to below zero degrees, these droplets freeze and form an ice layer on your car window. The roadside assistance is always busy in the months when temperatures drop. Fortunately, we can make all kinds of preparations ourselves to make these winter inconveniences as small as possible.

You can put a blanket or something similar on your windshield and rear window in the evening, this will save you a lot of scratching. Grease the rubbers of your doors so that you can simply open your doors, saves stress in the morning. There is also the window defroster spray, spray a few times and your window is completely free of ice. What is also important that your windows on the inside of your car are dry, this prevents ice from forming on the inside of your car windows. For the lazy and cold among us, switching on your car and turning the heating on to the highest setting to de-ice your car and then going back inside to drink your coffee is not recommended. Letting your cold engine idle is according to various parties not good for your car. The cold engine also uses a lot more petrol and this is bad for the environment. So to minimize these winter inconveniences, you better make some preparations. Failure to properly de-ice your car can result in a fine of €230.

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King winter can cause many inconveniences.
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