The festive presentation of the Intercity New Generation train (ICNG) to the public would have been last weekend, but was canceled due to the recently tightened corona measures of the cabinet. The presentation of this beautiful new speed train that would actually take place at Rotterdam Central has been postponed to a later moment. The new date has not yet been announced. The ICNG can reach speeds of 200 kilometers per hour. Test driver Hans Lieman (member of the NS Trein Test Centrum) has already driven 3000 to 4000 kilometers with this new train. He has driven on the test track of the Czech Republic and also through the Dutch polder. The NS is working with manufacturer Alstom on an extensive test and admission program.

“It drives smoothly, accelerates quickly and is very stable on the track. I think travelers will enjoy this train a lot.”

test driver Hans Lieman, member of the NS Train Test Center.

The ICNG's admission tests have been completed by manufacturer Alstom. This manufacturer is active in the field of rail transport. About half of the turnover is generated by the sale of rolling stock, including the TGV high-speed train. In addition, it provides various train services such as maintenance, modernization and technical assistance for the equipment, control, information and signaling systems and finally equipment for the construction of railways, including power supply and station facilities. The NS recently requested permission from the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate to conduct training and test drives, initially without passengers and later with passengers. The fast train will initially run on the high-speed line between Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Breda, later other routes will follow. It is not yet clear when the ICNG trains will enter the timetable, the hope is 2022.

“The train is produced and developed in different countries. Due to corona, factories were shut down, software could not be tested and developed and parts were not available. We are doing everything we can to ensure that the first travelers can board in 2022. NS focuses primarily on a reliable introduction. We are guided in this by previous lessons with other equipment introductions. This means that we prioritize reliability and quality on time and make no concessions to the test operation and a controlled, step-by-step phasing in.”

Maarten Bakker, as program manager at NS responsible for the ICNG.

Photo above and below: NS image bank.

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ICNG interior 2nd class.
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