Almost two-thirds of Dutch people want to go on holiday more often once the corona pandemic is over and all restrictions have been lifted. With this they want to compensate for the disastrous holiday seasons of the past two years. More than half of the holidaymakers saw their holiday postponed or canceled due to corona during that period.

This is apparent from a poll among 2550 visitors to the review and booking site Zoover. The website attracts 30 million visitors per year and offers 15.000 package holidays from almost all travel providers. This allows Zoover to accurately track and analyze the search and booking behavior of Dutch holidaymakers.

The poll shows that the Dutch are eager to go on holiday 'normally' again in 2022, so without QR codes, PCR tests, entry restrictions or quarantine rules. No less than 61,1% of those surveyed plan to go on holiday more often after corona. Most people want to go on a car holiday abroad next year (40,3%), but almost as many holidaymakers are planning to book a holiday by plane to a sunny place (38,9%). Although the Netherlands was invariably at number 1 in the list of most popular holiday destinations during corona time, only one in five people (19,6%) plan to spend their holiday in their own country next year.

“Now that the booking season is approaching, you see that people are talking about their holidays again and that they want to get out in the sun again. This is reflected in the results of the poll. In the summer we saw an increase in more luxurious holidays and more last minutes to five star and All-Inclusive resorts. We are now seeing a clear increase in car holidays abroad in search and booking behaviour. That is because people like to go abroad, but also find flying a bit exciting. After all, many holidays have been postponed and cancelled.”

Lieneke Wijnia from Zoover.

From the Zooverpoll shows that the pandemic has left deep marks on travelers. No less than 55,3% of the respondents have had their holiday postponed or canceled in recent years because of corona. The closed borders and the many restrictive measures have influenced the travel behavior of many people, both now and in the future. The poll shows that a third (33,1%) of people plan to visit a different holiday destination than before corona. Now that climate change is also becoming a growing problem, flying is less popular. Nearly two in five holidaymakers (37,6%) plan to fly less often. A small majority (55,3%) will not fly more or less and a minority of 7,1% say they will fly more often. This could be because sunny destinations are usually only accessible in this way.

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No less than 61,1% of those surveyed plan to go on holiday more often after corona.
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