Sick children feel better with their parents, brothers and sisters nearby. Parents are better able to maintain care with a resting place close to their sick child. Mobility may be well organized, but when your whole world is turned upside down due to illness or care, being together as a family is the most important. Parents are better able to maintain care with a resting place close to their sick child. But they often have to travel for hours from home to hospital. They need your help, today.

The Ronald McDonald Children's Fund is already taking care 35 years for sick children and their families to be close to each other. Parents, brothers and sisters stay in twelve Houses within walking distance of the hospital. In twelve living rooms, in the middle of hospitals, families can relax in a homely atmosphere. Families with a care-intensive child find new energy in three holiday homes.


The Ronald McDonald Children's Fund receives no subsidy and is completely dependent on donors, sponsors and volunteers. In 2022, our editorial team wants to contribute by drawing extra attention to the Ronald McDonald Children's Fund and also making a small financial contribution contribution to be delivered to the Ronald McDonald House Maastricht. We have experienced first hand what it can mean to be close when needed. With your contribution, once or structurally, you give parents a place close to their sick child. But you can also use your time, talent and energy for the Ronald McDonald Houses. And whether you organize a one-off promotion, participate in events or become a volunteer: all efforts are welcome! The Ronald McDonald Children's Fund, together with the Ronald McDonald Houses, living rooms and holiday homes in the country, wants to ensure that families with a sick or care-intensive child can optimally care for their child and be close to each other.

The Ronald McDonald Children's Fund is organizing the sixth edition of the Children's Fund Family Centered Care Symposium on Friday, December 10, 2021. This year's theme is 'Birth, Life and Loss'. During the Symposium, healthcare professionals and experiential experts explore practice-oriented developments in Family Centered Care during the different phases in life. The Symposium is accredited by relevant professional associations and is intended for specialized nurses and other healthcare professionals who work with children.

practical tips

During the Symposium morning speakers share their insights and experiences in keynotes. In the afternoon you can choose from active training sessions on Family Centered Care themes, such as comfort care, the role of fathers in family-oriented care and care after death. At the end of the day you will have a set of practical tools to get started yourself.

physical or livestream

Are you looking forward to networking with colleagues? Then you can physically attend the event on location in Amersfoort. Then come to the conference location in Amersfoort to physically attend the event. Do you prefer to follow the Symposium from your own location? You can follow the event from your own device via livestream. 

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