Youtuber Dylan Haegens, one of the most influential influencers among children and young people, will be the face of the campaign 'Safe on the road! Stay out of the blind spot'. This annual recurring campaign is organized to make children in grades 7 and 8 aware of the dangers of the blind spot near a large vehicle. The campaign has recently started.


“I am happy that I can contribute to the fact that children are more aware of the blind spot. As long as there are still victims every year, it is important that as much attention as possible is paid to this.”

Youtuber Dylan Haegens.

Awareness campaign crucial

There are thousands of trucks on the Dutch roads. The transport sector is of great importance to the Dutch economy. Awareness of the dangers of blind spots in large vehicles for children is therefore crucial. To increase road safety, Transport and Logistics Netherlands (TLN) launched the Safe on the Road campaign 25 years ago. Stay out of the blind spot.

This school year marks the 25th anniversary of the Safe on the Road awareness campaign. A good time to approach even more children. With the use of Dylan Haegens, with his 1,85 million followers, reaching the target group is effective.

The two rules of thumb of Safe on the Road are: stay to the right and well behind a lorry and keep a minimum distance of three meters from a lorry. Dylan makes children aware, in a playful way, about the dangers of the blind spot in large vehicles.

Dylan Haegens the YouTuber

Dylan Haegens is a man with many faces; he is a Dutch YouTuber, actor and entrepreneur. Dylan Haegens is one of the most popular Dutch YouTubers at the moment. With his various channels on YouTube, he reaches millions of children and young people every month. Because of his comedy-like and cheerful way of making videos in which he deals with funny but also serious subjects, he is an example for children and young people in the Netherlands.

Transport and Logistics Netherlands (TLN)

TLN is the entrepreneurs' organization for companies based in the Netherlands in the logistics and transport sector. The organization stands for optimization of goods flows and logistics chains.

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Blind spot hazards on a large vehicle.
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