GO Sharing starts today with offering electric shared cars. The company will start with 30 electric shared cars in Delft, Den Bosch, The Hague, Eindhoven and Rotterdam, which will have fixed (charging) places. A number of them have entered into a partnership with Q-Park for this purpose. With the multimodal service, the company wants to connect its service areas for shared electric scooters and e-bikes. The company has also started offering electric bicycle sharing, starting in Rotterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven and Den Bosch. 

GO Sharing users can sign up to use the shared cars – electric MINI Coopers. You can participate from the age of 23 and of course participants must be in possession of a valid driver's license. After they have been admitted, the shared cars can be reserved and used. The starting rate is €4,99 and then users pay €0,30 per minute.

The electric shared cars will be given permanent, strategic locations in cities, in order to promote shared transport between regions. A partnership has been entered into with Q-Park for a number of the so-called Mobility Hubs. The first Hubs are in Delft (YES!Delft), Den Bosch (Q-Park Arena and Mövenpick), The Hague (Q-Park Laakhaven), Eindhoven (Q-Park Bijenkorf and Novotel) and Rotterdam (Q-Park Schiecentrale, Best Western Rotterdam Airport and the Excelsior stadium). The cars have fixed loading places in these places and in the Q-Park garages, entry and exit is based on license plate recognition. GO Sharing aims to open multiple Mobility Hubs in different cities.

“Mobility will be a matter of smartly combining options. Our locations are playing an increasingly important role in this. With this collaboration we offer a solution for residents in the area who do not have a car. We also facilitate visitors who park on the outskirts of the city and who want to travel the 'last mile' to the center with an e-scooter or e-bike."

Fred Wilkes, Director Business Development Q-Park Netherlands.

Multimodal: door to door

GO Sharing, founded in 2019 and now active with more than 10.000 electric vehicles in 5 countries, solves an essential problem according to CEO Raymon Pouwels by adding the shared cars.

“We want to bring about a change in behavior from owning a vehicle to using it when you need it. Only in this way can we take advantage of all the benefits of sustainable transport: not only less emissions, but also less congestion and parking spaces.”

CEO Raymond Pouwels.

“In our regions, people increasingly leave their car behind and take a shared scooter or shared bicycle. But if you have to travel to another region, you have to rely on your own or public transport, or a rental car. We want to provide the entire journey with a multimodal model: you grab an electric shared scooter within a two-minute walk – or an e-bike, if you want to be a bit more active – and drive to a Mobility Hub to catch a car there. By car you drive to another region, where you take a shared scooter or bicycle to your final destination. All through one app".

CEO Raymond Pouwels.

Electric MINI Coopers

For the new proposition, GO Sharing is collaborating with BMW|MINI Dubbelsteyn, which supplies the electric MINI Coopers. The MINI Cooper SE has a range of 234 km (WLTP) and the cars are charged to 35 percent within 80 minutes with a fast charger.

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GO Sharing starts by offering electric shared cars.
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