Getting your driver's license is an expensive hobby, what do you actually lose before you even have your driver's license. Is this only reserved for rich people or for everyone? According to the CBS, there are 8903 driving schools in the Netherlands, which is a huge range. The Central Bureau for Driving Skills (CBR) has asked the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) to calculate the average price of a driving lesson in the Netherlands. It concerns a 60-minute driving lesson for driving license B in the Netherlands. This is based on the price of a single lesson. Driving lessons as part of a package are therefore not included.

Nowadays you pay an average of €47,30 for a one-hour driving lesson. The costs for individual driving lessons can differ per driving school and it is therefore an option to do some research in advance. It is also possible that a driving school uses a price per 50 minutes or per hour and a half. According to CBR research, the total costs for the driving license are approximately € 2750. The driving lessons, exams, passport photos, driver's license card and health certificate are included here. The CBR conducted this survey in 2021 among more than 2300 successful exam candidates. In 2019, the total costs for a driver's license were over €300, cheaper.

The final total costs depend of course on the number of driving lessons and how often you have to take the exam. How many driving lessons someone needs is of course different per person, one is a born driver and the other has mastered it less quickly. From the research of the CBR also shows that a candidate needs about 43 hours of lessons to get his driver's license. It is important to take regular driving lessons and not leave too big breaks in between. The costs for a theory exam will be €2021 in 37,00 if you pass this in one go, otherwise it will cost you even more.

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There are currently 8903 driving schools in the Netherlands.
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