Eight partnerships of entrepreneurs and researchers will receive a total of 150 million euros in government support to work on innovations that make our transport cleaner and smarter. The ideas come from all over the mobility sector: the car industry, aviation and maritime sector. A total of 109 companies (of which 64 SMEs) and 27 research institutions are involved in these projects.

Due to the corona crisis, companies and knowledge institutions in the mobility sector have fewer financial resources available to work on new developments that make the sector more sustainable. Innovations in the mobility sector have an impact on other sectors such as construction and industry, making an additional contribution to the Dutch climate goals. Economic innovation is also necessary: ​​the Dutch mobility sector is an important supplier to other countries, such as Germany and France. Our mobility sector can maintain this position by continuing to innovate.

The government has therefore made a one-off payment of 150 million euros through the R&D Mobility Sectors Subsidy Scheme. An independent advisory committee has assessed the submitted projects, according to the National government.

The winning projects

  • Green Transport Delta – Electrification: new battery technologies for electric transport.
  • Green Transport Delta – Hydrogen: combustion engines, fuel cells and refueling infrastructure for the use of hydrogen.
  • BrightSky: making the Dutch aviation sector more sustainable at and around the airport, with Schiphol as a testing ground.
  • Thermoplastics for sustainable aviation: lightweight materials for the production of small electric passenger aircraft.
  • Liquid Hydrogen Composite Tank for Civil Aviation: lightweight fuel tank that allows aircraft to fly on liquid hydrogen.
  • LNG-ZERO: technologies to drastically reduce emissions from LNG-powered ships.
  • PEOPLE: methanol as a sustainable fuel for ships.
  • Sustainable H2 Integrated Propulsion Drives: propulsion and energy systems for ships based on hydrogen.
150 million support for cleaner and smarter transport.
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