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Book, pay and travel. After receiving the QR code, the customer approaches the taxi, where the driver scans the QR code using his Pitane Driver App and can request all information about the journey and start the journey fully automatically. This innovation puts an end to the chaos of taxi drivers at airports or shopping centers. The mobile software for customers is part of the new mobile products that the Eindhoven-based Pitane BV will be marketing from September. With Pitane Arrive, Pitane Driver and Gate 12, every taxi company is equipped with the most modern gadgets without expensive investments. With the Pitane Arrive application, the traveler is always in contact with the taxi driver and can follow the journey in full real-time on his own mobile phone.


With the latest Pitane Arrive version, customers can book on their own mobile phone. The software can also be placed in the arrivals hall on an information or booking terminal equipped with a ticket printer. After receiving the QR code by email or printing it, the customer approaches the taxi where the driver can scan the QR code using his Pitane Driver App and retrieve all the journey information and start the journey fully automatically. Once scanned and started the journey in the taxi, the QR code has become unusable.

customer experience 

What matters is the traveler's experience. He does not want to negotiate, no more hassle about prices, detours for the driver or language problems among tourists. With this solution, everything is pre-arranged and completely under control. If no taxi is available, a nearby taxi will automatically be sent to the customer. Drivers only see the route after scanning the QR code, so no more hassle about short journeys that are refused by the taxi driver.

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"With this we are ushering in a new era for the sector. The new Pitane software takes care of the entire process from booking to payment and then automatically assigning it to the correct taxi. Nobody needs to be involved at the exchange anymore. Even taxi drivers who do not using Pitane software can knock on their central door and make use of these services. The costs are clear per journey order, so own investments are not necessary. No fancy stories, but reality!"

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Pitane Arrive

travel anonymously

Of course, not everyone wants to create an account, but they do want to be able to book. This is also possible via Pitane Arrive so that anonymous travel is possible. In addition to booking rides, your customer has the option to pay for the ride directly via the mobile application, view all his current reservations, view history orders and report cancellations via the application. Considerable attention was also paid to the registration of complaints. The customer can rate his ride via a five-star system. 

The new system enjoys wide interest in the Netherlands and Belgium. Shopping centers, hospitals and airports are excellent places where this Pitane QR code system is a great solution. Don't miss the launch, the new version of Pitane Arrive will be available from September.

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Pitane Arrive
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