The Dutch are eager to go on holiday again this year. Two-thirds want to go on holiday more often than during the corona pandemic. To be sure that their holiday abroad can continue, more than eight out of ten holidaymakers have already obtained their booster shot. People also prefer a car holiday and a third want to go on holiday less often by plane.

This is apparent from a recent poll among 3220 visitors to the review and booking site Zoover. Compared to the same poll that Zoover held last November, the share of Dutch people who plan to go on holiday more often after the corona virus has passed has only increased: from 61,1% to 64,2%.

“The Dutch want to go on holiday without any worries. We also see that in the bookings”.

Lieneke Wijnia from Zoover.

When asked about their vacation plans for 2022, 44,8 percent of those surveyed say they want to go on a road holiday abroad. That is more than in November. 37,2 percent of them want to go on a holiday by plane to a sunny place, slightly less than at the end of last year. A third of the respondents indicate that they want to go on holiday less often by plane. 17,5 percent of holidaymakers say they want to stay in the Netherlands.

Because vaccination certificates in the EU are only valid for nine months from 1 February, people will need a booster shot to be able to travel abroad freely. The Zoover poll shows that 86,1% of holidaymakers who want to go abroad have already had their booster shot. Of them, 8,5% still remain in the Netherlands.

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“There is great enthusiasm for the booster shot. People want to build in an extra bit of security to ensure that their holiday can continue. This also contributes to the success of the car holiday, which gives travelers a feeling of flexibility and freedom.”

Lieneke Wijnia from Zoover.

The poll also shows that almost half of travelers (47%) have seen their holiday postponed or canceled in recent years due to corona. A third of people plan to visit different destinations this year than before the pandemic broke out.

“We see that people search most for France and the Netherlands. Both countries are in joint first place, followed by Spain. Most flight holidays are booked to Spain. The months of April and May are especially popular: people want to get to the sun quickly.”

Lieneke Wijnia from Zoover.

Zoover has 3,8 million reviews on accommodations and destinations, attracts 30 million visitors annually and offers 15.000 package holidays from almost all travel providers. As a result, the website has enormous amounts of data to track and analyze the search and booking behavior of holidaymakers. Zoover also wants to use the survey to map out future travel behaviour.

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The Dutch are eager to go on holiday again this year.
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