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The Efteling in Kaatsheuvel does not specifically work on a customer-friendly image towards its visitors and subscription holders. Last Sunday, the amusement park even topped the list by continuing to sell tickets online, while calling on its social media channels not to come to Kaatsheuvel anymore. After more than an hour of queuing to finally be allowed to drive into the parking lot, it was a great surprise to find out that all parking spaces were occupied.

Visitors were literally guided back to the public road at the rear of the car park where they had to park in the verge along the road. The result of this was a long walk to reach the entrance of the amusement park. The Efteling was quite popular in the first weekend after a long corona closure, but the atmosphere quickly faded. Large parts of the permanent parking spaces can currently not be used due to construction work for a new hotel. Despite the amusement park being able to work on the parking in peace for two years, it is now a large construction site.

"The Efteling has complained in recent years about the lack of income due to the corona crisis. The cash register must now ring shamelessly. "

The cash register should now ring and she does so shamelessly.
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Despite the maximum number of visitors to the Efteling should be lower than normal, there is little noticeable. Even season ticket holders who reserve for Sunday 30 January are very welcome. Tickets are sold online, while there is actually no more room to receive guests. In recent years, Efteling has complained about the lack of income due to the corona crisis. The cash register should now ring and she does so shamelessly. There are also long queues at the attractions or various catering establishments.

judge's decision

Last Friday, the judge ruled that the amusement park may not receive more than 5 million visitors per year. The judge established that the province of Noord-Brabant itself must actually ensure that Efteling adheres to the maximum number of visitors. After all, a nature permit stipulates that the amusement park may not admit more than 5 million visitors on an annual basis. 

Local residents were now proved right by the judge, because the park went over considerably in the years before the corona crisis. The province that condoned this for years was reprimanded by the court in Den Bosch. In September 2020, the park submitted a new application for a nature permit that would increase the number of visitors per year.

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