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Entrepreneurs are not happy with the suggestion by the Ministry of Health that corona will become an entrepreneurial risk. †A joint responsibility“, said VWS minister Kuipers during the last press conference. Employers' organization VNO-NCW and entrepreneurs' organization MKB-Nederland therefore believe that if the government intervenes unilaterally in your revenue model, the bill cannot be left on the entrepreneur's plate alone. 

In the past, the focus was mainly on capacity in healthcare, but now keeping society open is equated with that goal. We must all cooperate in this and with this new policy, the generic support measures, such as NOW and TVL, will expire. The cabinet wants to get out of the crisis position, which means that the economy must return to the level it was before corona. The virus must, if it is up to the cabinet, become part of the 'normal' entrepreneurial risk.

current generic support

The cabinet hopes for a return to the economy as we knew it before the pandemic,”in which corona becomes largely part of the normal entrepreneurial risk† The core of the new corona policy will be keeping society open. That wrote Minister Ernst Kuipers (Public Health, Welfare and Sport) to the House of Representatives last week. Everyone has to learn to live with corona and that also means that the "current generic support" is not sustainable in the long term.

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Everything points to Brabant being able to celebrate carnival again after two years.

In the coming month, the cabinet will continue talks with representatives from sectors, municipalities, various target groups in society and executive organizations about the choices and steps that we must take together to arrive at a sustainable approach for the period after this winter and further. Knowledge of and responsibility by the various sectors is essential in shaping this open society.


It is also essential to pay attention to broad health and protection of the vulnerable. Broad health means that not only physical-medical health is considered, but also mental health. In addition, there is an eye for health differences and the positive effects of sport, lifestyle and culture (preventive policy with regard to resilience). A lot of regular care has also not been able to take place. Looking ahead, it is necessary to weigh up the importance of continuing regular care, catch-up care and corona care. 

With the revised objectives, we are moving away from risk exclusion to greater control and to a way of life that is as normal as possible. The starting point is to keep society open. The government has already initiated this shift. The last decision-making moment has started this by taking calculated risks with regard to the spread of the virus, and the implications of this paradigm shift for long-term strategy will be worked out in the coming period.

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