Travel agents, travel organizations and undoubtedly the travelers themselves are happy with the message that follows from the press conference that Ernst Kuipers, Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, gave tonight: 'we' can go to numerous destinations worldwide!

Finally, the government is responding to the many urgent calls from the travel sector and the travel advice is also being adjusted for countries outside the EU. Many of our neighboring countries have now scaled down their travel advice and even lifted it completely, and international studies, the World Health Organization and the European RIVM have already stated that sticking to travel restrictions no longer makes sense. After almost two years, Dutch holidaymakers and business travelers can finally turn their dreams about long-haul travel into 'book and go'.

"We are happy with these first steps of easing towards the rest of the world and hope that many more countries will follow, but a damper on the joy of travel is still the mandatory test when returning to the Netherlands. This obstacle, also for business travelers, will not be reduced. used by our neighboring countries, why by the Netherlands? We hope that we can quickly put this testing and sometimes quarantine obligation for unboosted people behind us now that the world is at our feet."

Frank Oostdam, chairman of the ANVR.

Travel organisations, travel agents and corporate travel companies are all set to finally carry out the dream trip to a distant destination for some holidaymakers, which has been postponed a few times. The adjusted travel advice can be found on  
Enthusiasm the ANVR and its travel companies the holidaymaker with the short video 'What are you most looking forward to?' to make his dream come true, according to the ANVR.

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We can travel again.
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