Hopefully you've never experienced it and hopefully you won't experience it in the future. You walk to your car and see that your license plate at the front is gone, you walk to the back of your car and yes, he is gone there too. It is still possible that you have lost one license plate while driving, but if they are both gone then the chance is greater that they have been stolen. So your license plates have been stolen, what should you do now? You are not allowed to drive without number plates on your car, you risk a fine. You have to go to the police station to file a report. Violations can be made with your license plates, ram raids, refueling without paying and speeding are examples of this. And the last thing you want is for you to be the victim of this. Even if you have lost one number plate, it is advisable to report it to the police.

About 10.000 license plates are stolen in our country every year. Lately, extra number plates are stolen to refuel here, probably due to the extremely high fuel prices in our country. The advice of the police is therefore to secure your number plates more firmly with special screws or with pop rivets, making them more difficult for thieves to steal. You can order new number plates from a RDW recognized license plate manufacturer† Even if you still have 1 license plate on your car, you still have to order 2 new ones. You must bring your ID and the original Vehicle Certificate. You will receive new license plates with a duplicate code. You've probably seen that on someone's license plate. That is a small number on the plate, this number indicates how often the license plates have been stolen. The prices of new license plates can vary from 25 to 45 euros, because the license plate manufacturer can determine the price itself.

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Stolen license plates often result in speeding violations.
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