The cabinet will abolish the mask obligation in public transport next Wednesday. This was announced by the Minister of Health, Ernst Kuipers. Testing for access is then no longer necessary for large indoor events and the advice to work from home disappears. The measures and the advice will disappear from next Wednesday, March 23, 2022. We are not yet finished with the mouth masks because it is mandatory to stay on the plane. It should also be noted that when traveling, the rules of the visiting country should always be respected.


The Outbreak Management Team (OMT) largely gave the green light for relaxation last night, but noted that mouth caps in public transport still have added value with high levels of infection. The work from home advice and quarantine rules should also remain, according to the experts. Umbrella organization OV-NL hopes that the end of the mask requirement will remove the last barrier and that travelers will find their way back to public transport. “We would like people to experience again how pleasant and responsible it is to travel by public transport,” said OV-NL chairman Gerrit Spijksma.

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