"Fietsersbond and 9292 are working together to better combine bicycle and public transport."

Public transport and cycling together form a golden combination. Every day, hundreds of thousands of Dutch people use bicycles and public transport to get to their destination. It is therefore not surprising that 9292, the largest public transport platform in the Netherlands, and the Fietsersbond, the representative of cyclists in the Netherlands, are now working together. The two organizations will jointly develop new services that are valuable for cycling public transport passengers.  

Pre and post transport

In the 9292 app you can already plan a trip where you can use the bicycle for the first and/or last part of your trip. Your own (electric) bicycle, but also public transport bicycles and other rental bicycles. The app shows various providers on the route and also immediately shows the availability of these bicycles. At the beginning of March, 9292 started a pilot for the rental of bicycles in the 9292 app. The new “Rental nearby” feature is now available as a pilot and will soon be available to all travelers via the popular 9292 app.

With the Fietsersbond, 9292 is now going to improve the cycling routes in the app, among other things. According to director Joost Mortier of 9292, the collaboration should ensure that the number of people who use bicycles next to public transport continues to grow. “Half of our travelers are willing to cycle for 10 minutes or more after using public transport. In addition, 35% of travelers think that providing cycling information is also a good fit with our services. That is why we like to work with the Fietsersbond.”

Share knowledge

Also director Esther van Garderen of the Fietsersbond is enthusiastic about the collaboration. “You can get everywhere by bike and public transport. By sharing our knowledge about cycling and public transport, we help our members and users to make the choice for a sustainable journey even easier.”

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With the Fietsersbond, 9292 is now going to improve the cycling routes in the app, among other things.
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