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"Let me stand up for the people with vulnerable health"

The corona obligations were converted into advice, such as wearing face masks in public transport, taxis and places where it is very busy. A face mask is still mandatory at airports and on airplanes. Now that face masks are no longer mandatory in public transport from Wednesday, almost no one is wearing one anymore, says a spokeswoman for the NS.


"Let me take it up for the people with vulnerable health“, says Joost Rongen, one of our regular readers in a response. †The NS spokesperson said in a radio interview this morning that they are very happy to be rid of the mouth cap. When asked how the vulnerable should continue to feel safe in public transport, she indicated that they are of course free to continue to wear a mouth cap. At the same time, she hoped that people would return to the office more often and find public transport again. I'm not worried for myself, but when I had the misfortune to stand in a crowded train this week, I didn't feel it was responsible."

The cabinet has relaxed the corona measures, because the omikron variant of the virus that has been circulating in recent months usually makes people less ill than previous variants. In intensive care units, the number of corona patients is quite stable at a much lower level than when the delta variant prevailed.

old normal

"On Tuesday people still wore a mouth cap, but you noticed that they really had enough“said the NS spokesperson. NS hopes that more people will now take the train, now that a mask is no longer necessary. Almost all trains have been running again since Monday, because fewer NS colleagues are at home due to illness. †We are going back to the old normal.”

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"We're going back to the old normal."
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